Policy on Conflict of Interest

The Company has established measures to prevent conflict of interest that may arise from related transactions of the Company and persons who may have conflict of interest. Executives and stakeholders in question will not be allowed to take part in the approval of those transactions. The Company’s Board of Directors must ensure that the Company has complied with the Securities and Exchange Act, and regulations, notifications, orders, or requirements of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Besides, it will ascertain that the Company follows regulations regarding the disclosure of related transactions, the acquisition or disposal of significant assets of the Company, and the accounting standards prescribed by the Federation of Accounting Professions.

In addition, the Company will engage the Audit Committee or auditors or independent specialists as the case may be: to review and give opinion on the suitability of prices and justification of transactions. It will disclose related transactions in the notes to the financial statements that have been verified or reviewed by the Company’s auditor in the annual information reporting form (Form 56-1).