Conventions, Exhibition and Integrated Marketing Services

  • IT Exhibition, trade show under the name “COMMART”, the Company currently has organized 3 events per year.
  •  The Company provides comprehensive event management service for conventions and exhibitions starting from concept and theme formulation to seeking appropriate venues, collecting target group information, public relations and event management to accurately fulfill the requirements of customers in the Digital Age for both in government and private sector.
  • With our expertise and experience in content, media and event management, the Company offers integrated marketing services, starting from strategy planning to detail execution, to ensure high quality of results with customer satisfaction.
  • Virtual Event Platform is a service platform developed from existing offline event to create a highlight and extend service access without limitation in terms of time and place. It offers both hybrid event platform service (offline and online) and full online event platform service that can be connected to support payment systems and delivery/logistics operations, not to mention a wide range of services offered to satisfy consumer requirements under New Normal condition such as member management system, product distribution system, games, and other activities, including VDO conference system, live broadcast system, online business matching system, online voting system or online contest, etc.