Digital Media and Other Media

Digital Services

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Service 

The Company acts as “Digital Marketing Consultant” providing full range of digital services from marketing strategies to marketing execution, serving the modern marketing needs of enterprise customers in short term, medium term and long term. We serve all types of online media; Owned media such as Website, Mobile Application, Viral Marketing, Earned Media and Paid Media, with various distribution channels (Email, SMS, Call Center, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram), Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords, GDN) and Social Listening. Our services equipped with powerful tools and analytics report to ensure the effectiveness of campaign and/or communication.

  • Multimedia e-Bookshelf

Being digital platform service for e-Book production, collection and distribution using cloud technology, where customers can store all file types; audio, video, animation, accessed from mobile devices.

  • Online Education (e-Learning)

This service aims to serve corporates who focus on Human Resource Development. Our service includes competency-based online training platform with rich media content, using cloud technology. Our curriculum and course developed and designed base on competency, with partnership from leading universities, presenting in various media format to interest the leaners. Furthermore, our service platform can be integrated to human resource management system.