Digital Media and Other Media

Digital Services

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Service 

ARIP offer “Digital Marketing Service & Consultant” providing full range of digital services to fulfill in short-run and long-run term of enterprise marketing communication demand, which providing as following details: Online Marketing Strategy, Online Communication Strategy, Branding communication, Content Marketing Strategy, Creative Content, Online Content Management, Online Media Plan and Buying Media, including achievement measurement, data analytic and reports to contribute to the ongoing marketing for the target group and aligned with the business and enterprise needs.

  • Multimedia e-Bookshelf

Being digital platform service for e-Book production, collection and distribution using cloud technology, where customers can store all file types; audio, video, animation, accessed from mobile devices.

  • Enterprise Learning Platform

This service aims to serve corporates who focus on Human Resource Development. Our service includes competency-based online training platform with rich media content, using cloud technology. Our curriculum and course developed and designed base on competency, with partnership from leading universities, presenting in various media format to interest the leaners. Furthermore, our service platform can be integrated to human resource management system.