Established on 22nd February 1989, ARIP Public Company Limited (“The Company” or “ARIP”), formerly known as AR Information and Public Company Limited at that time, the company has an initial registered capital of 1,000,000 baht. The objective is to conduct business related to Business, Management and Information Technology (IT) media and with those potentials experience and company expertise as content provider in both Business Management and especially in IT, form media based company with the used of content, potential partners and customers business requirements the company increase its potential by expanding to the exhibition, organizing event conference and seminars, including digital media and other media to be fully 360 degrees of services for clients. The significant developments of the company are as follow;

Y 2020

– Launched “BUSINESS+ PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS” is held annually to present awards to product and service innovations.

– Launched “BUSINESS+ PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARDS” is held to present awards to popular product and service innovations of the year.

– Developed Virtual Event Platform to support hybrid events (Both offline and online) and full online event.

Y 2017

-Developed on “WISIMO” e-Learning Management System & Solution including the practical courses with knowledge & cases for business management skills presenting in Formats of Multi-Media and interactive features, which suited for organizations and corporate headcounts, who want to improve and maximize their potential competency and abilities.
-Launched “Thailand Top SME Award” for SMEs which the objective to present the potential of their performances.

Y 2015

-Launched “Data Dive”, customer Behavior Analysis services which include collecting data, data analytic and report.
-Launched social media: Facebook: aripFan, Twitter: ariptoday. To combine the power of ICT media covers all publishing channels.

Y 2013

Launched “Thailand Top Company Award” Award to the outstanding company.

Y 2012

-Launched special publication “Top Universities” & “Top Insurance”
-Obtained an investment promotion certificate from Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) under software business category: Enterprise Software, Digital Content and Embedded Software. Enterprise Software, Digital Content และ Embedded Software

Y 2011

Launched its first digital magazine “COMTODAY”

Y 2010

Registered as a public limited company in pursuant to the Public Limited Company Act, and rename to ARIP Public Company Limited. Traded on the “Market for Alternative Investment (MAI)” on Dec 2, 2010.

Y 1989

Established A.R. Information & Publication Co., Ltd.