Printed Media and Content

Printed Media and Content
The Company creates sells and distributes advertising spaces and services on traditional media, digital media, and online social media in the fields of business, management and ICT. It can be categorized into two following groups:
1 Corporate Media and Content

1.1 “Business+” Magazine provides an in-depth analysis on the economy, business, management strategy, administration, marketing and even business trend updates. It also includes in-depth interviews of successful executives to allow readers to get in touch with some useful business strategies and industrial trends. Most importantly, these articles share some very useful case studies which readers can apply to their business in order to uplift their capacity.

1.2 Annual Data Compilations & Ranking
– “Business+ Top 1000 Companies” Magazine compiles business information of the Registered Companies in Thailand in order to list the Top 1,000 companies with the highest revenue, including analysis articles on Top Gain and Top Loss in each industrial group and even ranks the Top 50 companies in terms of outstanding performance in revenue, profit and return ratio growth.
– “Business+ Universities” is a compilation of information of every public and private academic institution nationwide and even shares executive’s views and visions through in-depth interviews for students and parents who are still seeking for the right university before applying and enrolling to fulfill their education ambition.
– “Business+ Top Insurance” gives an overview of Thailand’s insurance industry and in-depth interviews on the visions of the management of leading insurance companies, in order to inspire the readers awareness of the importance of life and non-life insurances and they are able to choose the best product for themselves and their family members.

1.3 Seminars and Awarding Events

– Business+ also organizes seminars, networking event with the objective to create awareness in industry trend and/or interesting topics for our readers. This activity is the good opportunity for our editor, management team to meet and exchange ideas with our reader as well as advertisers.

– Awarding Event “THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS” (TOP AWARDS): Based on interviews and presentations by executives from leading corporates, the editor has been impressed by their visions and strategies making their businesses successful, this leads to the search of criteria for the selection of leading corporates. With the cooperation from educational institutions, the event “TOP AWARDS” was started since 2013, its objective is to select outstanding corporates in terms of performance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment, Good Corporate Governance to achieve corporate sustainability.
– Awarding Event “THAILAND TOP SME AWARDS”: Since the editor had an opportunity to interview SME executives and the event of “TOP AWARDS”, the awarding event was successful, the editorial team has developed another awarding event for SMEs with the objective to present the potential and the achievements of these SME Businesses. Also, the purpose of the awards is to honor the guidelines for the management methods of those organizations to be known to the public.

Online media publishes in-depth analysis in regarding corporate information communication technologies system, applications, digital solutions and communication for enterprises. Into complete digital media platform, we also report the Global News & Trends of computing industries and digital media technologies. ELEADER are offering content relevant to digital technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Big Data, Financial Digital Solutions, and Cyber Security. The content is presented in articles, analysis, and others via different channels.
• Website (
• Facebook (

2 ICT Media

2.1 “COMTODAY” or or Originally starting from the leading ICT magazine and then developing into comprehensive digital media, website contents are published in response to modern lifestyle where technology is deeply involved in human’s daily lives, works, and business organizations that require access to information and news at all times through ARIP channels, such as:
• Website ( ICT and consumer electronics knowledge source which has operated for more than 10 years and there are more than 300,000 website’s visitors each month.
• Facebook: techhub.arip Guaranteed more than 200,000 followers
• Twitter: @techhub_arip compressing the information for who love short and brief stories
• IG: Techhub.arip
• YouTube: ARIP Official is bank of VDO Reviews “IT – HOW TO” that be recognized by its trustworthy and reliability content.

2.2 COMMART and Facebook: commartthailand, an online media of leading ICT event and exhibition organized by the Company, to be used as a channel for communication with consumers to publicize the details of the event, special promotions, highlights and relevant activities, including the list of entrepreneurs, products and services that will be presented at “COMMART”.