Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The Company is aware of the importance of the business conduct under good corporate governance, and adheres to the virtuous principles along with being responsible for the society and environment by considering the benefits of all groups of related stakeholders. Therefore, the Company has defined the Corporate Social Responsibility policies as follows; To operate the business under good corporate governance. To engage in the business with fairness and honesty, and does not operate the business in any way that will infringe intellectual properties or copyrights of any forms. To treat all personnel fairly and respect human rights, in order to create good quality of life for employees. To be responsible to consumers by selecting products that are safe for consumers, and providing superior service, in order to respond to the demands and create maximum satisfaction for consumers. To take part in developing the community and society, and give support in organizing activities, in order to create benefits for the public. To preserve the environment and reduce wasteful depletion of the natural resources, in order to help preserve and protect the natural environment.