Vision & Mission and Business Goals

The Company is a leader in digital creative content; providing constructive and reliable content for businesses, as well as being business-influencing media that impacts on consumers and efficient reaches to the target group. There are offering total solutions and customer-centric marketing communication consultancy services which equipped with innovative technology and up-to-date marketing tools, focusing on business operations to the sustainable growth.

• Producing quality content on business, ICT, education, and several other fields with maximum usefulness, accuracy, and reliability.
• Developing innovative media channels that can reach targeted customers efficiently and appropriately.
• Providing integrated marketing communication services to ensure the highest satisfaction for targeted customers with enhanced efficiency and utmost professionalism.
• Evolving digital tools to cope with digital transformation and the changes through information technology innovation.
• Committed to sustainable business growth in accordance with ESG guidelines.

Business Goals
The followings are the goals for the Company’s core businesses:
1. Content Production
ARIP aims to become the biggest leader of social media and digital marketing content on business, management, marketing, ICT, education, and other interesting knowledge, emphasizing mainly on in-depth analysis of business information classified by industry for top executives and business entrepreneurs. We also provide an extensive range of information analysis for interested customers in general, including knowledge contents to develop human resources in the organization, as part of the ambitious goal to keep pace with globalization and changing aspects of business, economy, society, and technology in the digital era.
2. Media Development
To demonstrate the leadership of the social media and digital marketing content industry penetrating the new generation and touching the targets by introducing a broad range of quality contents evolved through various types of media that have powerful influences on targeted customers’ perception and access to the required information, varying in print media, online media, social media, exhibition, seminar, and marketing event to maximize our potential in digital communication that can reach targeted customers effectively and appropriately.
3. Comprehensive Marketing Communication
ARIP is committed to developing a comprehensive range of marketing communication services to increase customers’ perception and understanding towards certain products and services to be admired by the masses. We are able to cover a broad scope of services, including marketing consultancy, advertising training, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, trade exhibition, seminar organization, and traditional marketing, aiming to attract different organizations and individuals across the public and private sectors in Thailand.
4. Digital Tool Advancement
ARIP has shifted its clear focus to generating greater development of computerized software programs served as communication platforms, tools and applications in the field of human resources development and HR management for enterprise to cope with rapid changes and digital disruptions. The Company also creates innovative marketing communication services and solutions that enable communication to succeed and be measured precisely for marketing with the most efficient two-way communication approach, considered an integral part of our media development strategies evolved to promote the achievement of business marketing communication.
5. Sustainable Business Operations (ESG)
The Company is committed to sustainable growth through ESG practices, which prioritize social responsibility, environmental concern, and community well-being. This is achieved through effective corporate governance, ethical business operations, legal compliance, and a commitment to honesty, fairness, and transparency. In addition, the Company seeks to create value for shareholders while considering the needs and interests of all stakeholders and acting responsibly towards the broader economy and society.